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Cork World Map Wall Art - Deep Ocean

Enhance your living space with our stunning cork or oak wood World Map wall art and beautifully capture your travels and memories! Find and use the push pins to spot your travel memories, and mark your future travelling adventures to create the most personal artwork proudly displayed in your home.

Whether you're a traveller or someone who loves truly original interior style details, this captivating world map home décor will bring life to any feature wall. Hand crafted in our Wood Craft Studio here in Shropshire, UK, your World Map is made from FSC approved wood, and finished by our dedicated team, to ship to you anywhere in the world!

❤️ S I Z E & M A T E R I A L
Our world maps are available in a range of sizes and colour options, and can be customised with our optional 'personalised plaque'. Please take a look at our listing photographs to choose your colour, material and options.

Here are your world map size options:
SMALL : 70 x 44cm (28 x 17 inches)
MEDIUM : 90 x 56cm (35 x 22 inches)
LARGE : 3 panels - Each panel measuring 70x44cm - Total wall space 152 x 70cm (60 x 28 inches)
X LARGE : 3 panels - Each panel measuring 90x56cm - Total wall space 188 x 90cm (74 x 35 inches)
X X LARGE: 3 panels - Each panel measuring 120 x 76cm - Total wall space 255 x 120cm (100 x 47 inches)

Here are your world map material and colour options:
Standard - Our bases are professionally painted with low-glare matt paint in trident black as standard. This is our standard and preferred paint colour, or you can select a Classic or Custom paint colour.
Classic – Choose your colour from our curated 'classic' colour palette, selected specifically to enhance both the cork and oak top layers. Colours available as seen in our photographs for a small additional fee.
Custom – Select any colour from our extensive non-stock RAL colour options, as seen in our photographs and available for an additional fee.

Cork: The cork top layer allows you to insert pins (150 x ball pins included)
Oak wood: Our rich oak wood uses stick-on geo-location tags (150 x geo-location tags included)

❤️ D E T A I L S
We offer 4 levels of detail across our maps, which is determined by the size of the artwork; essentially, the bigger the map, the more detail we can include.

Here are the detail options:
Plain : World map outline only without engraved details
Countries : Country names, country borders, plus state/province names and borders for USA, Canada & Australia
Detailed : As above but much more detailed, with the addition of capital and major cities, plus lakes and rivers (only available on our Large, XL and XXL maps)
Super Detailed : Our most detailed map, with fine river details leading to lakes and larger rivers, additional cities in each country and fine detail coastal outline (only available on our XXL Map)

❤️ W H A T ' S I N T H E B O X
You'll receive your World Map professionally packaged to avoid damage in transit, even when it's shipped across the World! In the box you'll find:
– Your map in 1 panel, or 3 separate panels (depending on your map selection)
– 150 x multi-coloured ball headed push pins (for cork) or geo-location tags (for oak)
– Hanging strips, pre-attached to your map panel(s) ready for hanging, suitable for flat walls.
– Hand-finished Oak wood box to store your push pins / geo-location tags.
– Our care card, to make sure your World Map stays looking fresh for years to come

❤️ A D D I T I O N A L O P T I O N S
– FLAG PUSH PIN COLLECTION: Includes each country flag, plus flags for the states/provinces of the USA, Canada and Australia.
– PERSONALISED PLAQUE: Add a Personalised plaque as seen in our photographs in place of our decorative compass in the bottom corner of the map. This can include a special occasion (EG. wedding or gap year) or your corporate/business name for display in your office space. Please add your chosen personalisation to the box when ordering.
– CLASSIC PAINT: Choose your preferred colour from our specially curated selection
– CUSTOM PAINT: Choose your preferred colour from our extensive non-stock RAL options
– STAND-OFF WALL FIXINGS: Stand your map off from the wall with our stylish silver coloured wall fixings.

❤️ A D D I T I O N A L I N F O R M A T I O N
Due to size restrictions, it's not possible for us to include all place names and islands on our maps. If there's a particular place you'd like to check is included, please send us a message and we'll happily check for you.

Detail level
Top layer material

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